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Environmental Sustainability – What Is It, And Why Is It So Important?

Environmental Sustainability – What Is It, And Why Is It So Important?

Environmental sustainability is a concept of responsibility; and we are all responsible!

Safeguarding our universal ecosystems and maintaining our natural resources is a matter of life and death. Sustainability in the environmental space is vital, as it provides us, the human race, with health and wellbeing now and in the future, for generations to come.

Essentially, sustainability is the notion to protect our world and to protect our ecological health as humans – whilst improving our approach in leading environmentally conscious lives, so as to not compromise our existence as we do so.

When it comes to environmental sustainability, ultimately as a society we should be aiming to achieve ‘sustainable development’, whereby we are able to meet our needs for basics such as food, water and shelter – and other more enjoyable activities and entertainment - without compromising on the ability of future generations meeting their needs. The aim is to not cause further damage to our environment or diminish resources that we are unable to renew.

Environmental sustainability is a concept that touches every aspect of how we choose to live our lives – from creating eco-friendly habitats, the creation, sourcing and purchasing of sustainable foods, to selecting energy that’s green and renewable, as well as choosing to invest in fashion, furniture and travel that has a minimal eco-footprint. 

We are all responsible for environmental sustainability, and we all need to play our part.

We believe we are playing a small part with the creation of TOTE. MODERN.: a range of stylish, sustainable and ethically sourced reusable tote bags - which reduce single plastic bag use and their subsequent effect on the environment. We are passionate about supporting the environment, and sustainability. 

In addition to reducing plastic bag waste, TOTE. MODERN. will donate $1 from every order to Take 3 For The Sea, a movement that asks everyone to take three pieces of rubbish when they leave the beach, waterway or anywhere. ‘Totes’ environmentally conscious!

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