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TOTE. MODERN. MUSE - Caitlin De Klijn

TOTE. MODERN. MUSE - Caitlin De Klijn

Today on the blog, we’re featuring the stunning Caitlin De Klijn from our TOTE. MODERN. team.

Caitlin is a publicist at Kate & Co. PR, working across fashion and lifestyle clients. A water baby and puppy lover at heart, CDK (as she’s affectionately known) is a ball of positive energy, full of warmth and grace.

CDK recently celebrated her first vaccination with her new, VAX ON THE LIST TOTE.


What can we find in your TOTE. MODERN. tote?

Everything but the kitchen sink! I literally carry the contents of my life in my TOTE. MODERN. bag - my diary, purse, perfume, a hair brush, sunglasses, reading glasses, you name it, it’s in the tote!


How and where do you use your Tote Modern tote?

My collection of totes is slowly but surely growing; I have my office tote (the Khaki Logo Tote), which I take to work when we aren’t WFH, my recreational tote, which I bring to the gym, use as an overnight bag and everything in between (The Check Tote) and last but not least I use my new Vax on the List Tote for my weekly grocery shopping!


What’s your favourite Tote Modern look? 

My favourite TOTE. MODERN. look has to be sporting my favourite loungewear and taking The Vax on the List Tote for a spin to the supermarket – believe it or not, grocery shopping is one of my favourite activities!


Top tip for sustainable living?

My top tip for sustainable living would have to be reducing single-use plastics wherever you can! My favourite is trying to incorporate plastic free recipes when I am planning meals, this means avoiding ingredients that come pre-packaged, taking reusable produce bags instead of using the plastic once provided at the shops and also opting for tinned items as they are easier to clean and recycle!