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TOTE. MODERN. MUSE - Ruby Loosli

TOTE. MODERN. MUSE - Ruby Loosli

Introducing Ruby from our TOTE. MODERN. team! Ruby is our resident Tik Tok queen, PR star and crochet loving ray of sunshine. Here's how Ruby is styling her new limited-edition 'FULLY VAXXED CLUB TOTE'.


What can we find in your TOTE. MODERN. tote?

I never leave the house without a reusable water bottle and my pawpaw ointment! I’m also the girl who carries essentials at all times, so if you ever need a bandaid, tampon, hair tie, sunscreen – you name it, I’ve got you covered!


How and where do you use your TOTE. MODERN. tote?
My TOTE. MODERN. was my work bag, the perfect size to fit my laptop, lunch and other essentials, but during lockdown she’s switched roles to a good old shopping bag!


What’s your favourite TOTE.MODERN. look?
My favourite TOTE. MODERN. look is the classic THE. LOGO. TOTE. or my new FULLY VAXXED CLUB TOTE with biker shorts, chunky sneakers and an oversized sweater, the perfect elevated athleisure look.


Top tip for sustainable living?
My top tip is to switch to reusable and sustainable options wherever you can. Whether that be with period products, cleaning products and of course bags, single use is so ten years ago!!