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Slow Fashion: A Trend Here To Stay

Slow Fashion: A Trend Here To Stay

Most of us have heard of the term ‘fast fashion’ - we immediately think of the big-box global brands such as ZARA, TopShop and H&M, who manufacture items from factory to store in approximately two weeks, and who push out new collections every six weeks as fast as possible to keep on top of the international runway trends.

But have you heard of ‘slow fashion’?

Slow fashion according to the Fashion Boundary* is considered to be the exact opposite of fast fashion; it is an approach which considers the processes and resources required to make clothing and accessories, focusing particularly on sustainability. It encourages us to buy better-quality garments and pieces that will last longer, and valuing compassion and care for all living things, and the globe. Unlike their ‘fast fashion’ competitors ‘slow fashion’ brands focus on producing fewer styles that are timeless - practical basics that can be worn for years, again and again.

‘Slow fashion’ brands who are already leading the way in this space within the Australian market are KITX, NIMBLE Activewear, GINGER & SMART and in the international market brands such as Stella McCartney, Everlane, Patagonia and Reformation have all jumped on the cause – H&M have even created ‘H&M Conscious’. 

Now comes TOTE. MODERN., a ‘slow fashion’ brand that is chic and sophisticated. It offers a stylish alternative to your calico supermarket bag. 

The TOTE. MODERN. range is locally designed and printed in Melbourne, and the bags are manufactured using an ethically sourced recycled cotton and polyester blend, leaning into the key characteristics of a truly slow brand; high-quality, durable and reusable – sustainable.

By producing the one TOTE. MODERN. style, in bulk batches - rather than short production cycles, with different styles each season – and then having the designs printed locally; this supports the environment and takes the pressure off our production partners. 

In addition to reducing plastic bag waste, TOTE. MODERN. will donate $1 from every order to Take 3 For The Sea, a movement that asks everyone to take three pieces of rubbish when they leave the beach, waterway or anywhere. ‘Totes’ environmentally conscious! 

Totes can be purchased from 28th February and are $39.95 each. Totes are delivered in compostable post bags and all packaging is fully recycled.