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TOTE. MODERN. Muse - Carmelle Russell

TOTE. MODERN. Muse - Carmelle Russell

Today on the blog, to celebrate International Yoga Day, we share insights from our favourite yogi, Bondi babe and Co-Founder of all-natural premium personal care brand @natchessentials, Carmelle Russell.

What can we find in your Tote Modern tote? 
It depends when you ask me! Today I went to Nimbus Co in Bondi for an infrared sauna so I had a change of clothing, my laptop, keys and water bottle in it. It's deceivingly large! 

How and where do you use your Tote Modern tote? 
I use it in so many ways! I throw Natch products in to head to the Post Office, I take it to the Bondi Markets or the supermarket and fill it with fruit, veggies, bread and flowers. I recently took it to Hamilton Island with me and it acted as a beach bag with a book, SPF, phone etc - it's incredibly versatile. 

What’s your favourite Tote Modern look? 
I'm usually in activewear and it's usually Lululemon paired with Nike sneakers and big sunglasses - the sun is always out in Sydney!

Top tip for sustainable living? 
Keep your Tote Modern bag hanging by the front door, mine is on the hook next to the dog lead. Every time we head out, it goes with us. I also keep a spare in the car. This should mean you never need to use a paper or ‘god forbid’ plastic bag ever again. Also, if you're ordering takeout and it's feasible to pick it up, do so. By ordering it directly through the restaurant, they don't have to give a cut to the delivery service. You'll also save money, get some extra steps in and again, no bag will be used as you can take your own. Just tell them on the phone you don't need a bag! 

Check out for Carmelle’s range of beautiful, all-natural personal care products, including our favourite Natural Deodorant (it’s an absolute game-changer!).