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TOTE.MODERN. Muse - Elizabeth Donald

TOTE.MODERN. Muse - Elizabeth Donald

Today on the blog we profile Aussie country music artist, Elizabeth Donald.  

After stints living in LA, Nashville and NYC, Elizabeth has called Dubai home for the past five years.

An avid traveller, follow @elizabethdonaldmusic to see her adventures across ‘the land of sand’ and beyond.

What can we find in your Tote Modern tote?  
On any given day you can find all sorts of things in my tote...that's the joy of it. I use it for literally everything! Living in the UAE I’m always packing my sunscreen and sunglasses. 

How and where do you use your Tote Modern tote? 
I take it to the beach or amazing hotel pools here in the UAE or pack it with my yoga mat and towel for yoga under the Louvre dome in Abu Dhabi. I take it to the local souk for fresh foods or fill it with my horse riding helmet, gloves and horse treats when I go riding... I use it for literally anything!

What’s your favourite Tote Modern look?
I love light linen dresses, summer sandals and neutral tones which match back perfectly with my Logo tote.

Top tip for sustainable living? 
Being aware and well informed! Purchasing from ethical and sustainable brands such as Tote Modern.... if we all do our small part it can make a huge difference!