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TOTE. MODERN. MUSE - Isabella Hebbard

TOTE. MODERN. MUSE - Isabella Hebbard

Today's TOTE. MODERN. Muse is the gorgeous Isabella Hebbard, a stylist at Australian fashion label Cazinc The Label - 2021 ETHICAL LABEL OF THE YEAR. 

Cazinc The Label believes the world doesn’t need another fast-fashion brand, which is why the Melbourne-based brand is committed to designs that don’t date, quality fabrics that last, and ethical production processes that ensure its range is 100 per cent cruelty-free.

Here's the lovely Isabella...

What can we find in your TOTE. MODERN. tote?
My TOTE.MODERN. includes all my daily essentials - lipstick, hand sanitiser, diary, wallet, sunglasses, and my university items. 

How and where do you use your TOTE. MODERN. tote?
It carries me through all walks of life - from work, university, and my daily commute. It is so versatile, I take it with me everywhere.


Top tip for sustainable living?
For me, I try to implement little things every day to reduce my overall environmental impact and purchase only from eco-friendly labels, such as Cazinc The Label, where I am lucky enough to work.