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TOTE.MODERN. Muse – Rachel Collister

TOTE.MODERN. Muse – Rachel Collister

Over the coming weeks, we will be featuring some of our favourite style muses on the TOTE.MODERN. blog – chatting what’s in their tote, their favourite TOTE.MODERN. looks and their top tips for sustainable living.

First up, we kick things off with PR Manager, Rachel Collister, fresh from the FROW of Afterpay Australian Fashion Week in Sydney.

What can we find in your TOTE.MODERN. tote?
I have just come off a very busy week at fashion week, where my trusty TOTE.MODERN tote kept me covered. In my tote you will find snacks to keep me fuelled on the go, my laptop to sneak in work emails when I had a spare 5 mins, trusty brandaids and Panadol for when the sore feet kick in, as well as my favourite Gucci perfume and lippie for much needed touch-ups. 

How and where do you use your TOTE.MODERN. tote?
Honestly in all walks of life. I love to use it as a work bag, gym bag, shopping bag, and just a general everything bag. TOTE.MODERN fuses design and functionality so well, you can take it everywhere!

What’s your favourite TOTE.MODERN. look?
I love to keep my outfit simple and let the bag do the talking. As a classic Melbourne girl, this usually involves an all-black or monochromatic look in a luxe fabric, such as silk. I love a matching suit moment, or a simple slip dress with an oversized jacket and boots for the perfect winter look.  

Top tip for sustainable living?
From a fashion angle, buy thoughtfully. As a teen, and even young adult, I definitely fell into the trap of buying fast fashion and investing in trends or fads that would be over in a matter of weeks. As I get older, I choose to fill my wardrobe with brands that champion sustainability, and pieces that are made to last season after season. Slow fashion is the way of the future, and my wardrobe and shopping habits reflect this. 

In life, I think education is incredibly important, and realising the impact you have on the wider world, no matter how small. I constantly watch, read and listen to podcasts, documentaries and films to make sure I am an informed and conscious consumer. Nobody can be perfect and do everything, but as long as you are trying, that is all we can do.