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TOTE. MODERN. Muse – Silvana Philippoussis

TOTE. MODERN. Muse – Silvana Philippoussis

Author, illustrator, model and mum. Today’s TOTE. MODERN. Muse is the gorgeous Silvana Philippoussis. A beach babe at heart, Silvana shares her top tips for sustainable, healthy living to celebrate the start of Plastic Free July.  

What can we find in your TOTE. MODERN. tote?
My keys, wallet, phone and AirPods, pen and to-do-list, hand sanitiser (of course!!) and Kora Organics hand cream, sunglasses, kids snacks and water bottle plus a change of clothes for my daughter, Maia. 

How and where do you use your TOTE. MODERN. tote?
It’s my go-to-everyday bag. It’s the perfect size to take to the grocery store, to the park with the kids and even down to the beach!

Top tip for sustainable living?
I can’t choose just one!!!! 

Reduce single-use products
Particularly plastic ones - they tend to end up in landfill and the ocean, causing harm to wildlife and the environment. Prevent this by choosing to use reusable and eco-friendly alternatives instead. Like a stylish TOTE. MODERN. tote! 

Recycle and reuse
Make sure you’re recycling by putting your rubbish in the correct bins. Also, try to reuse products and items as many times as possible before binning them to reduce waste. One of my favourite things to recycle is Moccona instant coffee jars from the supermarket. Once empty, I recycle and use them as storage jars for nuts, seeds and grains…they look lovely on the pantry shelf.