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So who is TOTE. MODERN.?

So who is TOTE. MODERN.?

Did you know, that by 2050 the ocean will have more plastics than fish!!* Shocking right….. but, if each Australian family were to use one less plastic bag per week, that would be 253 million bags less per year and we would be on our way to ridding the ocean of plastics.

These stats, among many others, were a catalyst for my co-founder Amanda and I to make a change, so we put our heads together and TOTE. MODERN. was born.

Launching in February 2021, TOTE. MODERN. reduces single plastic bag use and their subsequent effect on the environment, via a range of stylish, sustainable and ethically sourced reusable tote bags for use at the supermarket, local market, farmers market or produce store.

The range is designed and printed in Melbourne, and the bags are manufactured using an ethically sourced recycled cotton and polyester blend. This blend offers an effective way to reduce waste as it is made of a combination of post-consumer plastic bottles and pre-consumer cotton off cuts. Prior to spinning, the cotton is sorted into colours avoiding the need to dye the fabric once constructed which further reduces the impact on the environment. This unique material blend creates a strong, durable fabric as opposed to using a conventional cotton and virgin polyester blend, making it the more environmentally friendly alternative to single use plastic bags.

Amanda and I have been driving this new brand since mid 2020, when we found ourselves with a little extra time on our hands due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. When we read that globally we are using more than 500 billion single use plastic bags per year, we wanted to take action, and we felt that our combined skill set in PR, influencer marketing and social media could be used to make a real difference.

The TOTE. MODERN. launch collection consists of six styles, including hand drawn designs by textiles designer Stacey Conlan, who has worked for Tigerlily and Cotton On Group. The collection includes THE. ZEBRA. TOTE., THE. MOTIF. TOTE., THE. LOGO.TOTO., THE. CHECK.TOTE., THE TIE DYE. TOTE., and THE. HOROSCOPE. TOTE. - a vintage inspired design that took Conlan a total of 5,871 pen strokes to draw.

In addition to reducing plastic bag waste, TOTE.MODERN. will donate $1 from every order to Take 3 For The Sea, a movement that asks everyone to take three pieces of rubbish when they leave the beach, waterway or anywhere.

*According to an Ellen MacArthur Foundation report launched at the World Economic Forum in 2016