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World Environment Day – How to Get Involved?

World Environment Day – How to Get Involved?

Since its inception in 1974, World Environment Day is celebrated annually on June 5.

The United Nations hosts this global event to help raise awareness about the environment and invite people around the world to take action to protect our planet and its natural resources. 

Each year, World Environment Day is hosted in a different country, with events focusing on a central theme.

World Environment Day 2021 is being held in Pakistan, with 'ecosystem restoration' as the central theme (using #generationrestoration across social media).

Globally, there are loads of community events and initiatives that you can join on Saturday (and beyond!), including locally here in Australia.

Check out: to see what’s happening in your local area or visit your local council’s website for event listings.

Some of our favourite ways to participate include:

  • Take a day trip by bike not car 
  • Set up an at home compost or worm farm
  • Plant a veggie patch, herb garden or some native Australia plants 
  • Cook an environmentally friendly dinner – use leftovers, source ingredients locally and mindfully select them based on their carbon footprint. Don’t forget to take your reusable TOTE. MODERN. tote to the farmer’s market or grocery store to save on plastic waste
  • Walk the talk – talk to you kids, family and friends about World Environment Day and encourage them to take action!
  • And finally, from our friends at Take 3 for the Sea – make sure to take three pieces of rubbish (or more) with you when you leave the beach, waterway or… anywhere, and you have made a difference

Happy World Environment Day to you, our wonderful TOTE. MODERN. community. Every little bit counts so let’s take action on Saturday 5 June and everyday.

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